A Wealth of Experience

Sean Jimenez

Sean Jimenez is a seasoned entrepreneur and real estate enthusiast. With a degree in commerce and business administration, he has led numerous companies in varying sectors such as health and wellness, marketing technology and real estate. In 2017, he led Soulpepper Digital to become the 27th fastest-growing young company in Canada—an award the company received from the Canadian Business Magazine. On the real estate side, Sean has funded numerous real estate deals, totalling nearly $50 million in private capital.

Ryan Porter

With a career in retail and corporate banking, Ryan Porter leverages years of experience in finance and customer service to manage complex real estate development projects. He also owns and operates a Vancouver-based business that provides supplies for residential, commercial and industrial real estate projects. With his vast experience, he brings a sound ear and expertise in building strong, long-standing partnerships.

As partners in EverWest, Sean and Ryan are responsible for the group of companies that brings development projects to fruition. As individuals, they oversee the capitalization of all development projects by working with and for their trusted investors and partners.

With a firm belief that you must have the right people to do the job, Sean and Ryan have hand-selected a small group of partners to complete their development team. This team brings a wealth of experience in financing, development management and a network of trades and builders from various groups in the lower mainland. Together, the group gains access to land deals, obtains development and building permits and constructs units the same way seasoned developer groups do.